X glasses Limited Liability Company, founded in 2003, is a XXXX member. Is a professional engaged in various types of high-grade optical frames andsunglasses sales manufacturers. The company since its establishment, to the customer first, credibility for the purpose of the first, always put thequality and service in the first place, to ensure that each paid glass qualityfor qualified products.

In 2009, should the social from all walks of life the requirements of new and old customers, the company based on the original brand sales made,opened a new personalized service (glasses glasses DIY), YISHION manual process carefully for the customer to create personalized glasses glassesalso is the one and only, let your unique personality, fashion, add color to add color!

XX will focus on every detail, with superb technology, continuous innovation and breakthrough technology to write new exciting chapter, to show the newglory. Whether you are a fashion pioneer, business elite, or is engaged in a variety of industries, persons with unique character and quality requirements; whether you need optical glasses or sunglasses, in stylesand purposes we will meet the special personalized your requirements:according to your own preferences, special process on frames in a variety of building such as character signature, special symbols, graphic photoscompletely special personality of their own information to you, let you or your friends, relatives, lovers have a pair of the one and only personalityglasses!

We look forward to your support and join and will provide satisfactorydedication for each particular your service! ....



Open a new line of sight

YISHION manual process carefully for the customer to create personalized glasses the one and only.